Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier - Comfortable - Katziela
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier is soft sided and lightweigh tote styled, perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets. Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier  features a shoulder strap, adjustable sun visor, side zipper procket, seatbelt holder buckle and large mesh windows. it is super breathable !
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier have an exta plush fleece bed that will ensure your pet sits or sleeps on comfortably.
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier - Comfortable - Katziela - Best Travel  Pet Carrier
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier - Comfortable - Katziela
Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier - Comfortable - Katziela

Katziela® Quilted Companion Pet Carrier - Comfortable

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Commercial airline travel is stressful - but it doesn't have to be that way for your pet. Katziela's innovative, custom-designed pet carriers make under-seat confinement for cats and dogs into a much more tolerable experience, so much so that we think you might be a little envious. With luxurious and comfortable quilted siding and an extra-soft bed, this carrier is the perfect way to transport puppies, kittens, small adult dogs and cats, or even a guinea pig or bunny in traveling comfort while flying domestically, to Alaska or the Southwest, or even overseas.



Small: 11" wide x 11" high x 15" length

Medium: 11" wide x 11" high x 17" length

Large: 11" wide x 11" high x 19" length


Max weight:

Small: hold up 8lb

Medium: hold up to 16lb

Large: hold up to 21lb


Empty carrier weight:

Small: 1.18kg

Medium: 1.26kg



  • CAR OR PLANE, ELEVATE YOUR PET'S COMFORT LEVEL - With a super-soft machine-washable bed pad, optional sun guard, high-ventilation mesh sides, and lockable zippers, our quilted carrier is full-on premium luggage.

  • PORTABLE SIZE - Exterior dimensions 17" x 12" x 12" and interior dimensions is 17" x 9" x 11"

  • THICK, COZY, AND AIRLINE COMPLIANT - 80% twill fabric nylon +20% mesh; this travel dog crate or cat house is ideal for a puppy, kitten, small dog or cat up to (8-21) lbs, and features two pockets for food, treats, leash, and water.

  • BUILT FOR THE RIDE - Premium materials meet modern convenience for you and your pet - a built-in floor plate and straps on the bottom and one side to help secure the kennel to a seatbelt keep rides smoother and safer.

  • CARRY YOUR ANIMAL IN STYLE AND COMFORT - Featuring a shoulder strap, strong zipper, mesh sided design, safe structure, and comfortable top loading - our dog and cat carrier bag is simply the best for your fur child. Try it, love it, or your money back.

Just a few of the other advantages of our design:

- Duffle-style top opening makes it easy to insert or remove your pet on your terms with with a minimal risk of antsy misadventures, as well as mid-flight scratches, pats, strokes, and licks

- Optional sun guard protects your pup or kitty from direct sunlight

- Carry over the shoulder or like a handbag

- Rubber feet prevent slipping and rolling

- Two side pouches help travel lighter and more conveniently, with room for cookies and calming treats

- Foldout sides and high-visibility mesh front and siding help reduce nervous anxiety and improve air flow, especially important for small dog breeds like pugs, Yorkies, and rat terriers

- Hard bottom improves stability and helps prevent rolling and undesired folding

- Collapse for storage to just 19"L  12"W  XX"H 

Upgrade your fur baby's seating class - add the Katziela quilted pet carrier to your travel supply repertoire and enjoy soft fur, cute noises, and unconditional love wherever you go.


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