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Article: 7 Effective Tips to Help Your Pets Overcome Firework Anxiety

Pet Anxiety

7 Effective Tips to Help Your Pets Overcome Firework Anxiety

 pet anxiety tips

Fireworks season is a time of celebration and awe for humans, we feel excitement and momentum when the sky lights up and the booms beat in our hearts, but for our beloved four-legged friends it can trigger fear and anxiety because they find the sound and wonder of them overwhelming.

Yes, there are multiple training tips to get pets used to fireworks, but we had to share with all pet owners these 7 mindful tips you can use right away in case your rejects training.

You can try to prepare them to be less scared by helping them associate with the noises, but if you didn’t already know this: what triggers their anxiety is the element of surprise, so, while we can give them treats and praise for keeping their calm during sound training, we must keep in mind the fear they feel is real and will resurface.

At Katziela, we’re committed to help pet owners experience safe and happy adventures with their pets, so whether you’re traveling with your pets to celebrate the holidays or hosting a 4 th of July party, here are 7 LIFE SAVER tips proven to help you ease your pet’s anxiety before and during fireworks.

 1.Prepare Ahead for Fireworks Season

This can mean many different things based on your pet’s normal behavior: from going on a long hike, to spending more time than usual playing with them during the day. This helps especially with dogs that tend to wear out after physical activities, because when pets are tired, they’re less likely to experience high levels of anxiety due to exhaustion.

Remember that leaving your pet indoors is also a mindful choice if you consider the fireworks are still going to make them anxious or aggressive, take your pet’s personality into perspective and decide based on what makes you and your pets happy, while also keeping your guest safe and comfortable.

Whatever you decide don’t let this get in the way of enjoying the holidays with your pets!

You should know ears to tails why and how your pet gets scared with fireworks, the next tip will give you a heads-up in the whole process of helping them cope.

2.Keep Calm and Control Your Body Language

Fireworks are loud and unexpected for pets, but people react differently to it, this is why pets panic and get confused because while they’re feeling scared there’s a “happy, celebration vibe” around them, which makes them doubt the whole situation and feel threatened.

Now that you have a better understanding of the woofs and the meows, you must act accordingly to their fear whenever those bright flashes feel like the end of their worlds.

Pets pick up on our emotional states. If you're agitated, your pet may become more anxious. Therefore, it's vital to maintain a calm demeanor, particularly when fireworks are being set off.

Based on how dramatical their reaction is to the fireworks, it can be both frightening and funny at the same time, of course you don’t find your pet’s suffering funny BUT, it is a human reaction to their sudden clumsy moves to sometimes let a giggle slip, approach them too fast, or even record them, this takes us to our third tip:

3.Be considerate of your pet’s feelings getting hurt.

Our furry friends act clumsy and jump when frighten which can look hilarious, but it isn’t, so under any circumstances allow your guests to laugh at your pet.

Avoid laughing or making sudden movements if your pet becomes scared, as it may further unsettle them. If your pet starts panicking, give them a moment to understand that you're there to support them, not to frighten them further.

You can easily manage to reinforce them by keeping your movements slow and your voice soothing, if you try to approach your pet always keep in mind any more surprises (like someone laughing out loud) can trigger your pet into running away from you, and that is one of the worst things that could happen, because a scared pet runs fast until the adrenaline rush goes down and they end up disoriented and getting lost.

If your pet flees or hides, be ready to snug them back into their emotional comfort zone if needed. This takes us to our fourth tip:

4.Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with proper ID

It is normal to take off your pet’s collar when you’re giving them a bath, which you may have considered if you are traveling with them or hosting a 4 th of July party, after all our furry friends are our love and pride and you won’t miss an opportunity to show them off to your friends and family.

In the unfortunate event that your pet runs away during a fireworks display, a collar with an ID tag significantly increases the chances of a safe return. Essential information on the tag should include the pet's name, your phone number, home address, microchip number, backup contact, and any special medical needs of your pet.

ALWAYS KEEP A COLLAR ON YOUR PETS, which takes us to our fifth tip:

5.Take your pet indoors before fireworks start

 Make your home a safe haven for your pet during fireworks, just like you do during thunder and lighting, provide a hiding spot away from windows, doors, and unfamiliar faces. Consider playing soothing music or white noise to muffle the sounds of the fireworks.

You want to keep your pets occupied during fireworks, we recommend something delicious to focus on, like their favorite treats wrapped in a towel so they feel like treasure hunting.

You should also set up a Pet Carrier they can hide in, prepare with a warm blanket and their favorite toy so they can snuggle and snooze. Shop Cozy Commuter with 50% Off

Keep their food and water bowls nearby and set up a space for potty time, there is nothing worse than a pet that’s scared and needs a potty break but is too terrified to step out the door, which leads us to the sixth tip:

 6.Monitor for Sings of Anxiety

During fireworks, your pet may exhibit signs of stress, such as nervous barking or crying. Respond promptly and gently to these signs to prevent your pet from reaching a panicked state.

Barking can mean “I’m still scared” but it can also mean “I need a potty break” so check to see signs of urge to pee or poop and take them out with a leash attached to their collar.

If you start seeing more anxiety signs like trembling, pacing, or whining in response to sounds, you SHOULD get help and take safety measures for yourself, which is our last and most important tip:

 7.Use as many anxiety relief techniques as needed.

In extreme cases, you might need to resort to anxiety relief techniques such as pet relaxation supplements or anxiety medication. Always consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet any new substances.

Make sure you stay close to them, petting them and saying soothing words of reassurance, like “good boy” or “nice kitten” if you know will help make your pet’s tail wag with happiness again.

As pet owners, we understand the demands of caring for a pet, but the joy they bring to our lives makes it all worth it.

Implement these seven paw-some tips to help your pet cope during fireworks season and let us know how it goes in the comment section!

Don't forget that stray pets also need our help during these stressful times. If you can provide them shelter, or even just post online to find them help, it will be greatly appreciated. Your efforts can make this fireworks season less stressful for our furry friends.

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