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Fill your life with adventures. Katziela® cat and dog backpack carriers are the answer. Perfect for hikers and free-spirit backpackers. We believe that pets are family and pet parents deserve the best experience while traveling without leaving their furry companion behind. Whether you’re going near or far, your Katziela® dog and cat carrier backpacks, are the perfect fit for you and your pet friend. Their lightweight and comfy design is ideal for outdoor excursions. Walk, jog, or run with them while feeling and looking great! Its stylish design features pockets for storage and adjustable-length padded shoulder straps.

We believe that happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail. So, how amazing it is to be able to take them with us on our next trip! Katziela® cat and dog carrier backpacks are airline-compliant since it is small enough to fit almost anywhere. Because it is soft-sided, it can be placed comfortably under the seat in front of you. However, before traveling it is always a good idea to confirm the airline’s policies.

Versatile and sturdy. Both the Voyager Pet Backpack Dog Carrier and the Hybrid Adventurer Pet Backpack will hold up to 15 lbs, feature cozy fleece beds, that provide your loved one with the utmost comfort and have a built-in safety leash. The main difference between both models is that the Hybrid Adventurer includes a removable wheelbase.

Explore new places with your best pet friend while they rest their paws in a carrier with plenty of space. Featuring a top opening for them to stick their head out, mesh windows for them to peep through, and better air circulation. Enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement and ease of travel for you and your pet.

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