Furry happiness in one pet sling. At Katziela® you’ll find a range of pet carriers for different needs. Our sling carriers’ hands-free design is perfect for long walks, hikes, or just for visiting pet-friendly places, like the mall or coffee shops. You can also go on public transportation and even fly with them! Yes, with these premium carriers, you can easily look after your pet.

Your best pet friend will be secure and comfortable. A great option when doing outdoor exercise so they’re able to rest when feeling tired. Katziela® dog sling comes in two different styles, but they both provide the same functionality. The Expandable Sling Bag and the Kangaroo Pouch are the perfect fit for small dogs and cats (holds up to 10 lbs), including breeds such as min-pins, chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, mini poodles, dachshunds, miniature schnauzers, and other mini teacup breeds. Whereas the Kangaroo Pouch is ideal for both small and medium size pets (holds up to 15 lbs depending on the size).

Katziela® cat and dog sling carriers are intelligently designed with you and your pet in mind. With a stylish look and versatile features experienced by our already satisfied pet parents. Fashionable and cozy, these dog and cat sling carriers will give them a chance to be included in more activities. You’re both going to love it!

Make sure your pet is never left stranded during the chaos of a natural disaster or emergency situation. It’s a safe way to have your pet with you while still having both hands free in the event of an evacuation or rescue. Easily scoop them up and keep them warm and safe. Enjoy memorable moments with your beloved pet by getting your Katziela® dog carrier sling today.

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