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KATZIELA pet carrier with wheels

Life is short. Spoil your furry friend with Katziela®’s luxury dog and cat carriers today. They all come in different styles but provide the same benefits. You can roll your pet travel carrier through an airport, vet, railway station, and coffee shop. When choosing your soft pet carrier it is appropriate to have in mind the size of your pet and its weight.

The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take. Enjoy a safe flight with Katziela®’s aircraft carriers. TSA-compliant, designed with advanced technology soft-sided walls to meet most airline seat dimensions without compromising comfort and ventilation.

The main structure of Katziela® wheeled carriers such as the Luxury Rider Pro, Luxury Lorry, Bone Cruiser Pro, and Cozy Commuter, is the 2 sided walls which measure only 11 inches in height and can be pushed down even further since they’re soft. The rest of the height (4 inches) is mesh which is extremely flexible and can easily be squeezed down completely. They come with a storage bag that you can use to store the wheels when not in use. When on an airplane, these can be stored in the top compartment after you remove them.

Luxury Rider Pro, Luxury Lorry, Bone Cruiser Pro, and Cozy Commuter, our star dog carriers and cat carriers, have a 13 inches width. This works perfectly fine with most airlines. If for some reason, you need the width to be a little bit narrower, the easiest way to achieve this is by just removing the cardboard under the bed inside your Katziela® pet travel carrier. The Quilted Chariot Pro's width is only 11 inches. All rolling carriers have a soft, furry cushioning bed and spacious interior. Explore the Katziela® collection now and pick your new favorite soft pet carrier. The sky is the limit!

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