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katziela pet hair remover

Yes, we know. They got fur all over the house, it's called "FURniture", isn't it? Katziela® Grooming Gloves is the pet hair remover you and your furry friend will love. Both a cat brush and a dog grooming accessory, these gloves are a must for every pet parent. Brushing your pet’s fur is beneficial to their circulatory system, promoting more healthy and shiny hair to grow.

It easily removes loose hairs, shedding, dust, and dander with gentleness. Ideal for both long-haired and short-haired animals like cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, llamas, and more. The true beauty of Katziela® pet grooming gloves is that it feels like petting! So you and your pet friend can enjoy the bonding experience.

Katziela® Grooming Gloves come with a silicone cover that lets you instantly remove the pet hair, dirt, fur, and dander from the mitt in a second! After grooming is done just peel it off and pull away loose hairs. That's it!

Regular grooming also positively affects behavior. Create a fun experience while brushing your pet. It’s recommended to regularly groom them since it helps with pest prevention, as well as early detection of health issues. They’ll both look and feel good. Katziela® dog and cat grooming gloves also help in preventing tangles which could lead to big problems later on. Give them the proper care they need today.

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