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Good things come to those who book flights… with their furry friend. As pet parents ourselves, we know how important it is to choose the perfect pet carrier. That’s why we designed the Katziela® Pro Carriers collection, to provide you and your pet companion with an upgraded traveling experience. Whether you’re flying by plane, shopping at the mall or just visiting the vet, your pet we’ll be safe and comfortable. All models have plenty of space and ventilation. They also feature a super cozy fleece bed, a safety leash, and pockets. The best part about your Katziela® cat and dog carrier is that it’s lightweight and easy to use! Your Katziela® pet carrier is airline compliant.

Katziela® PRO pet carriers come in different styles, but all of them provide basically the same features and benefits. The only main difference would be the top-opening the Quilted Chariot Pro has. Whereas the Luxury Rider Pro and the Bone Cruiser Pro have a top mesh 4 inches high that can easily be squeezed down to fit under the airline sit.

These luxury dog carriers for small dogs come with storage bags that you can use to store the wheels when not in use. When on an airplane, these can be stored in the top compartment after you remove them. Check our FAQs section here for more information.

It’s always a good idea to consider your pet’s size and weight when choosing an aircraft carrier. Katziela® Pro Carriers collection will hold up to 22 lbs. Pull this carrier on its wheels with a handle strap or metal rod, or carry it with the handle or shoulder strap. We use durable materials to ensure that you get the best performance from these top-of-the-line pet carriers. Shop your new favorite carrier today and brace yourself for an exciting adventure.

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