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Paw Shaped Pet Bed

Sale price$99.99

Give your furry friend the bed they deserve! Our Paw-Shaped Pet Bed is the perfect blend of comfort, style, and safety.


  • Designed to Spoil Them: This design draws inspiration from a tender puppy's paw, with colors that mimic a real furry companion's palette. Its main circular part and the section that protrudes at the back, mimicking "dog toes," provide your pet with a cozy nook to rest and relax.

  • Easy to Maintain: Don't worry about potential mishaps. Our bed features a zipper at the bottom that allows you to easily change the fillings or wash them, keeping the bed perpetually fresh and impeccable.

  • Triple Comfort: This bed comprises three key elements to offer maximum comfort. The lining that shapes the bed ensures your pet has a comfortable place to rest. The viscoelastic pillow conforms to their body, providing perfect support. And the shredded foam pillow offers a firm softness that will make them feel like they're on cloud nine.

  • Choose Your Color: Sizes: 25 inches, 30 inches, and 40 inches, to accommodate all breeds and sizes of pets. Furthermore, you can choose from three beautiful colors: Chocolate Chip Cookie (tan and chocolate), Midnight Blue Sky (midnight blue and cerulean), and Silver Moon Shadow (pale and dark gray), making this bed an elegant addition to your home.

  • Safety at All Times: With its non-slip feature, this bed will stay in place, providing your pet with the stability they need, even during their most playful moments. A Touch of Luxury: The high-quality velvet material ensures your pet sleeps in the lap of opulence, while the memory foam guarantees a restful slumber.
Color:Coconut Brown
Paw Shaped Pet Bed - Katziela
Paw Shaped Pet Bed Sale price$99.99