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Self Cleaning Grooming Brush

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Treat your pets with quality pet supplies for dogs and cats, and reduce shedding by 95%. Our premium pet brush features long-lasting stainless steel pin tips for a clean and fluffy finish, leaving pets with a lustrous coat. This is an essential addition to your pet grooming kit that is designed to effectively remove undercoats, loose hair, tangles, and knots in seconds.
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF COATS - Your pets need a dog grooming brush that removes unwanted fur knots without irritating their skin. These slicker brushes are available in 2 sizes, the big 7” x 5”, and the small pet brush in 6.5” x 4”. Now, it is possible to get dog accessories for large and small breeds with long or short, and smooth or curly coats.

  • ROUNDED TIPS FOR EXTRA COMFORT - Our dog hair brushes have delicate bent bristles and protected ball tips that glide smoothly through coats and skin. Its relaxing massage strokes on its comfy round ends will surely delight your dogs. The extra ABS plastic coating ensures the safety against reactive allergens on your pets and hands.

  • SELF-CLEANING BRISTLE BRUSH - Our premium dog shedding brush incorporates a rapid-release mechanism to clean the brush with its retractable bristles. One button press removes the fur from its bristles instantly. You can simply hang it up to keep after use with its convenient hang eyelet.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE & THUMB REST - Our dog grooming brush has an ergonomically designed handle that provides firm grip control while the thumb rest provides support to achieve no fatigue brushing. This ensures control with its evenly weighted and anti-slip grip to brush through difficult knots without harming your pet.

  • HOME CLEANING SHEDDING TOOL - Manage the shedding of your indoor dogs with this pet grooming brush. Regular use of this cat hair brush reduces the amount of loose pet hair floating around your house that ends up on your furniture, clothes, and carpets. This dog brush for long-haired dogs removes more undercoats than any other.
Self Cleaning Grooming Brush - Katziela
Self Cleaning Grooming Brush Sale price$24.99