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Just go. There’s so much world and so little time! The Katziela® soft pet carrier collection is designed to upgrade your travel experience. Go anywhere, anytime, and keep your beloved pet safe and secure. Enjoy long walks, hikes, and all-day outings without worrying about your fur baby getting tired and needing to rest. Just scoop them up and keep them warm, safe, and secure where you can easily reach them. A hands-free design is perfect for small pets.

When choosing your soft pet carrier it is appropriate to have in mind the size, weight of your pet, and its height. Cat and dog carriers such as the Safari Sleeper and Expandable Sling Bag can hold up to 10 lbs. The lovely Kangaroo Pouch holds up to 15 lbs, whereas the Quilted Companion holds up to 25 lbs depending on the size.

With your Katziela® dog carrier for medium dogs and cats, you can make sure your pet is never left stranded during the chaos of a natural disaster or emergency situation. It’s a safe way to have your pet with you while still having both hands free in the event of an evacuation or rescue.

Look after your pet and look great doing it! Your Katziela® pet travel bag is airline compliant. Designed with advanced technology and mesh to meet most airlines' criteria without compromising comfort and ventilation. All models have a built-in safety leash. Find the perfect soft pet carrier solution today.

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